Collaboration with Reflection Music Group

Finding the elements necessary to create an inspiring piece of footage for use as an introduction to REACH ATHLETICS was never an issue for Founder and CEO, John Howell. From the onset, John was determined, singularly so, to work with Reflection Music Group, whom he believed able to capture the heart of his business and the edge of its industry.

The result was obtaining the permission and release to utilize the song, "Squad," performed by Deraj and B. Cooper (ft. Derek Minor). The song, gritty, catchy and addictive, boasts of "doing it for the squad" which ties perfectly with REACH ATHLETICS mission of motivating athletes to achieve their performance and fitness goals through hard work and grit.

While the footage is still in production, the song is available for purchase on iTunes. Here's the information:

Title: Squad
Deraj and B. Cooper (ft. Derek Minor)
Label: Reflection Music Group