We all want to be healthy, but this thing called "healthy" requires hard work, discipline and a fitness program that is aimed at reducing weight, lengthening and strengthening muscles and providing mental acuity through yoga, massage therapy, and a whole host of fitness classes. At REACH ATHLETICS, we take care of the individual: corporate, student, mother, father, etc. Whatever role you occupy during the course of a 24-hour day, we understand your desire to be fit. 


Package 1

Decrease body weight in our weight loss program where we focus on key areas of the body that needs attention. Team REACH trainers will create a weight loss program designed to bring out each client's desired look. With a combination of better nutritional choices and exercise, our team will have you back on track to a healthier lifestyle.


package 2

Let's be honest. Fitness really begins here … 

A great diet and eating program are vital to obtaining your fitness goals. Without a proper eating program all of your hard work in the gym or with your trainers will be a waste of time.

Team REACH's nutrition team will help create a nutrition program catered to your lifestyle and fitness goals. Together we will meet each of your goals and you will leave this program having a better understanding of how to manage, maintain and take care of your body. After all the ultimate goal is achieving and living a healthier life.

package 3

You've reached your goal. You're happy with your level of fitness and lifestyle, but want to become more educated in terms of  fitness, how to maintain your appearance. This program is all about maintenance. Whatever the reason, our skilled certified trainers can assist you in developing a set of tools to maintain your current healthy lifestyle.