is grounded and built on G.O.D (Guiding One's Destiny) principles.

Founded in October 2010, REACH ATHLETICS was designed with the athlete centered individual in mind. The intention and purpose was clear from the start … work with individuals who wanted to reach higher goals, maximize their training and master their sport.

Focused on educating and preparing athletes in their craft, REACH ATHLETICS offers personal training, nutrition advice, sports management and assistance in career growth. Personal and life lessons are also learned during performance training customized to the athlete's sport of choice.

REACH ATHLETICS is not only known for training collegiate and professional athletics, it is also geared towards the individuals who shares the same tenacity and willingness to work hard towards reaching their true physical potential. A healthy lifestyle requires the same discipline and steadfastness of mind to effect changes mentally and physically.

While strength and weight training is used for our more professional athletes, we also provide yoga instruction, Pilates and core training that stabilizes and strengthens the entire body. 




John Howell is CEO and Founder of REACH ATHLETICS, an athletic sports and fitness performance training and management company. 

A former athlete himself, John has a deep passion and understands the sports and fitness industry. Being deeply rooted in the Northern VA community, John uses his platform to "Guide One's Destiny" by assisting and providing services that will help athletes and those striving to reach the next level in sports or fitness. 


Additionally, here are some of John's accomplishments:

Where It All Started

Where It All Started

  • Prior to coaching and training, John was an aspiring athlete who trained every day with his older brother, mentor Cee Russel and his father on the backyard court (pictured here) his parents built for him. At a young age, John was focused on reaching his ultimate goal: making it to the NBA.
  • At the age of 24 John became the Head Coach for Ceder Lee Middle School in Bealeton VA, where he helped lead the team to their first winning season. 
  • Played two years of AAU
  • John Howell attended two semi-pro workouts in MD and traveled to Long Beach California to work out for the Long Beach Breakers ABA team. 

Raised on godly principles and the will and desire to want to help others reach their full potential, REACH ATHLETICS was formed.